Quasar 300

Lightest industrial light that is commercially available, weighing in at only 16 pounds.

Brightest Light for its size putting out a whopping 39,000 lumen with only 300 Watts! On a bad day, that’s only 2.2 amps @ 120 or 16 amp with a power inverter on a 12 volt vehicle. 

Strongest light assembly by far by design with its Anodized billet aluminum top and bottom assemblies, its fully welded steel construction that’s Nickel plated and its Hardened steel latch assembly, it will insure many years of trouble-free service. With its 16-20 LB PVC substrate cover made for outdoor use, it will give many years of service with a little care. 

Easiest to use balloon light with its 1 push actuation and small 26” diameter. From Carry bag to deployed is no time at all. 

Fastest to use with its 1 touch setup and no bulky transformers for power.

The only balloon light to use a commercially made, Hi-Power, screw in LED bulb. 


Brightest Balloon Light

I hope you find our light as the Premier Balloon light for the future. Being that it is the Lightest, Brightest, Strongest by far and the Easiest and Fastest to set up, I think the advantages are obvious.

Thank You for looking at my light.

Craig Shellman


Thank you for looking at the Best Balloon Light Commercially Available.

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