Question: How many Lumen does it put out?

Answer: The bulb is rated at 39,000 lumens and with the cover material you get the full lighting without the glare.

Question: How much does it weight?

Answer: The light itself is 18 Lbs. with a shipping weight of 25 lbs. including carry bag.

Question: What voltage does it run on?

Answer: The bulb is rated for 100/277 Volt, 50/60 hz.

Question: What are the Light Dimensions?

Answer: 26″ Diameter and 35″ Height (light only)

Question: How long does it take to put together?

Answer: About 5 seconds!

Question: How tall is the light when put together?

Answer: 6′. It can go up to 16 depending on the tripod size.

Question: What is the turn around purchase time?

Answer: Approximately 2 weeks.

Question: How much does it cost?

Answer: Please contact our office or your nearest dealer for pricing.

When approaching the lit area, what is the distance I should start to see it?

Answer: Approximately 1 mile. On water, around 3 miles.

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